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At ABTECH, we want you to shine

we want you to shine


Become the Canadian leader in distribution without ever compromising the quality of our service


Commit to providing our employees with a stimulating work environment allowing them to develop professionally while benefiting from the recognition and challenges necessary for their development.


Dedication +

helpfulness, friendliness, loyalty, accessibility, commitment, listening, generosity

Flexibility +

adaptation, flexibility, open-mindedness, spontaneity

Determination +

achievement of objectives, efficiency, rigor, problem solving, energetic, perseverance, audacity, involvement, go-getter

Collaboration +

teamwork, respect, human relationship, cooperation

Authenticity +

truthful, professional, honest, ethical, reliability, credibility

Initiative +

creativity, audacity, autonomy, resourcefulness, innovation


Your future colleagues


Bachelor in marketing, Martin is one of the two people who took the helm of ABTECH in 2011. His busy schedule does not prevent him from listening to others and leaving for new projects. Martin likes to party, play music and play team sports, like hockey! For those going to bed early at the Christmas party, know that Martin doesn’t let the evening end so easily!

Martin Allard
Marketing Vice-President

Following in his brother’s footsteps, he learned the basics of surveying at a very young age, which quickly became a passion. His dreamy and entrepreneurial side then took over in 1996 with the founding of the company ABTECH. André navigates wonderfully with extremes, whether in his professional or personal life. The proof, he still works even after retiring in 2014… He performs as much on his mountain bike, on these skis or even with his kite. Nothing can stop him, he is always ready to help, even to lose pieces!

André Bédard
President & Founder

Second buyer in 2011 with Martin Allard, Nicolas bought the company from his father, even if he had always said to himself “ damn how boring surveying is! Having always had the desire to go into business, he let himself be seduced by the stimulating challenge that ABTECH represented and quickly became passionate about surveying. He can usually be found in one of three places: in his car, on a trail in Mont-Orford, or in his office thinking about the next expansion of a branch.

Nicolas Bédard
Operations Vice-President

With his own sense of humor, our national Phil is unifying, dynamic and attentive. Graduated with a DEP in surveying, he has more than 22 years of sales experience. His team particularly appreciates his flexible and stimulating management. For Phil, there is no One Man Show: just dedicated teams having fun! If you want to please him, give him sparkling water and berries… he loves it!

Philippe Girard
Construction Vice-President |
Eastern Canada

Everyone at ABTECH is unanimous on this point, Ben is extremely dedicated to his customers. Thanks to his great curiosity, and his proactivity, he likes to find himself in new projects that are out of the ordinary. Few people know it, but contrary to what one might think despite his tough appearance, Ben is actually a big tender!

Ben Hobbs
Construction Sales Director |
Eastern Ontario & GTA

Following his studies in electronics, Danny reoriented himself towards sales and customer service. There are three essential things to know about it:

  • He is pleasant, hard-working and accessible;

  • His dog loves to bark during TEAMS meetings;
  • He never lets anyone down, client or colleague
Danny Morin
Construction Director |

Jean-Mathieu, or “ Chummy ” for friends, is a graduate of the University of Sherbrooke in marketing. Heavily involved in student associations, this hard worker fits well with the expression “Work hard, play hard”. New to surveying, but veteran in sales, he joined the ranks of ABTECH in 2020 in the Surveying division. Always looking for challenges, he thrives on results, the Labatt 50 and teamwork.

Jean-Mathieu Fillion
Surveying Director

An excellent little beer partner, Alex is appreciated by his colleagues for his versatility, his easy chat and his beautiful blue eyes. He worked in several different ABTECH offices and made several friends there. He calls himself the “Swiss army knife”, because he knows how to do several things in the company. But think again! Despite his many qualities, Alex is completely overwhelmed when it comes to installing moldings.

Alexandre Desharnais
Software Solutions Director

Pierre-Luc is one of the first employees of ABTECH. A man of many knowledges, this excellent bowler is versatile and meticulous. If you lend him your car, rest assured that it will come back to you in better condition than when you left it. Pierre-Luc likes to take his time in his approach with his clients, in order to develop lasting relationships. His Lake accent and his emoticons that reflect him will make you smile, that’s for sure!

Pierre-Luc Larouche
External technical Representative

Luc Sylvain is the grumpy Smurf of ABTECH. Although the legend says that he only has two moods: whiny or grumpy, Luc prefers to say that he is realistic. Nevertheless, the University of Sherbrooke graduate in marketing is described by his colleagues as an outstanding manager! Despite his humor that is too often misunderstood, he always knows how to find the right words to guide his peers, encourage them and highlight their good work. Tell him about the band Foo Fighters or your love for the Green Bay Packers and you might see a small smile on his face.

Luc Sylvain
Operations Director

Newly assistant director of customer service, Alexandre is an endearing tongue-in-cheek. A former mechanic, Alex came to the interview with a strong smell of oil, which proves that he likes to put in the work. Moreover, on his third day, he was already cleaning instruments (an unloved task) without anyone asking him to do it. Extremely devoted and confident (sometimes too much), this man with a big heart will know how to welcome you as it should be: with his cap and his big beard.

Alexandre Raby
Customer Service Assistant Director

Geneviève is described by her peers as a funny and attentive manager. After spending almost 20 years in the same place as a manager and purchasing manager, she let herself be charmed by the working atmosphere of ABTECH in 2021. A woman with 1001 contacts (including for good cupcakes), she knows party and always has good stories to tell.

Geneviève Bolduc
Supply and Logistics Manager

Our sources tell us that Marc-André had a rather lazy side in high school. Fortunately, his former life in the army and at Desjardins was a good thing for us, because this past has today forged a panoply of extremely interesting qualities for a company like ours. He thrives on out-of-the-ordinary challenges, he simply does not accept not achieving excellence, he strongly believes in teamwork and when he embarks on something, he does not let go and becomes very intense . We can say that it is a good “fit” in the ABTECH team!

Marc-André Frenette
Finance Vice-President

With her positive energy and intuitive intelligence, Kristina is a great addition to the ABTECH team. It is easy to exchange with her, since confidences are made in the openness and the absence of judgment. The desire to achieve and have an impact is what directed her to ABTECH, whose working atmosphere she finds fascinating for her family spirit. Kristina’s professional background, her transparency, her ability to listen and her charisma make her a quiet force.

Kristina Pejic
Administrative Director

Welcoming, cheerful and available, Vicky is a golden colleague with the door always wide open! This human resources bachelor is the first person you will meet before joining the team. She will know how to convince you not to miss your chance to join this big family. Vicky loves bringing life to the office! With her, all occasions are good to be festive, like a very normal Wednesday which turns into “ mimosa and tartare ” midday.

Vicky Bérard
Human Resources Director

Oli is like a air draft. Always involved in several social and professional projects, he thrives on intellectual and sporting challenges. The marketing bachelor is one of the company’s enthusiasts. He will always find the time to get involved and help a colleague in need while trusting him. Be warned, Oli likes to surprise: the shopping mascot, Bidule the stuffed rabbit, is often thrown at his colleagues.

Olivier Beaulieu
Marketing and Communications Manager

Although Jean-Mathieu is rarely at the office, his cell phone is always open. This trained industrial mechanic never lets his team down. Always ready to get his hands dirty, he can be found all over Eastern Canada, usually on a mountain bike, on skis or on a construction site to solve a complex problem or to form his gang. With JM, we laugh as much as we worry as a result of his risky sports activities.

Jean-Mathieu Bédard
Technical Director

Formerly a heavy vehicle mechanic, Stéphane is an excellent resource person at ABTECH. Very resourceful and appreciated by clients and colleagues, he is always available. Stéphane is a bon vivant who loves to laugh and his great curiosity is recognized in the office: he has been awarded an award for this.

Stéphane Milette
Support Assistant Director

Calling all cap admirers, Martin does not leave his place! With his sense of initiative, Martin was able to bring a better structure to the technical center department. Unfortunately for him, his English lessons on Wednesday mornings did not help him counter the computer problems he is constantly experiencing! Organized and present every day at the branch, he is much easier to find than Jean-Mathieu Bédard.

Martin Demers
Technical Center Team Leader


Our growth

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Our advantages

  • Dynamic teams | Teamwork | Mutual aid;
  • Work-family balance | Schedule flexibility | Work schedule on weekdays only;
  • Possibility of improving processes, to throw in your two cents;
  • Vacation and floating holidays;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Career and advancement opportunities;
  • Regular social activities | Memorable Christmas party;
  • Group insurance;
  • Work tools | Car provided according to your position;
  • New and modern workspace with unlimited free coffee;
  • Availability, accessibility, attentiveness and responsiveness of the management team;
  • Healthy environment where it is good to be yourself.
  • You will have a sugar rush from eating too many birthday donuts.
  • You will have to endure at least one joke a day!
  • Our day-to-day routine is as predictable as the weather by The Weather Network…
  • We work hard to create structure and put processes in place, but it’s impossible to be perfect!
  • We communicate better than we did before, but not as well as Dupont and Dupond.
  • We can’t get enough of projects, but we sometimes forget to breath in between!
  • We have to wash our own dishes, shovel snow, pick up mail… but it makes us feel like home…
  • We are flexible on work hours… From 8 AM to 5 PM or 5 PM to 8 AM, as you wish.


You with us


Take a guided tour of the office;

Offer a chocolate to your colleagues in exchange for a question;

Make sure you understand the 1001 tools used by the company;

Get yourself a nickname;

Let your boss pay for your lunch;

Be warned to do your dishes, otherwise...

Show your color by chatting with your colleagues;

Tame the salty jokes of Marie-Josée!



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